In one of the most dramatic and emotional games in the Lady Mavs recent history. The Lady Mavs clinched their 3rd Region 2 Championship in a row defeating Rose State in overtime 3-2.

Rose State had one thing in mind and it was to come out hard and knocked down Northern from their Region 2 supremacy in recent years. And that is what they did, they came out pressing hard and high, a very physical team that would want to get away with whatever the refs would allowed them to. That is how defender Daisy Brown would received a header from the back of her head collision to cause a concussion and was forced to miss the rest of the match. The defense commanded by Kariss Dunson, Morgan Medina, Aubrey Welker and Marybel Garcia did a great job stopping any advance that Rose's players attempted.

It wasn't the best game for Northern since they felt the tiredness from going to 2 over times the night before plus Rose's rough game. And it would be Rose State that will score the only goal of the first half at 36 minutes. For the second half the Lady Mavs came out a little bit more composed and tried to play soccer, the scale started to tilt on NOC's favor and a chance would come to tie the game when Rachel Brantley would dribble a defender forcing her to foul her in the box for a penalty kick that Aubrey Welker would convert to tie the game at the 68 minutes.

When everything looked that we were going to go to overtime with a 1-1 score midfielder Rachel Brantley would receive a very aggressive tackle that would send her off the field injured. A few minutes later Rose State's player would connect an amazing shot outside the 18 yard box to place the ball upper 90 and impossible for Jo McCray to get a touch. The score was then  1-2 for Rose State with only 3 minutes left in the game. That is when the resurection of the Mav Nation begun. Morgyn Knell would play a perfect through ball to Megan Deshazo that would have to slide and kicked over the goalkeeper that came out her box to send the ball to the back of the net in the last 2 minutes of the game.The score was 2-2  and we were heading to over time (golden goal).

Northern started the overtime with more confidence, moving the ball around, connecting plays and only 5 minutes in over time again Morgyn Knell would play a great ball to Megan Deshazo that would kick above Rose State's goalkeeper to send the ball to the back of the net. That moment allowed everyone that attended the match to witness joy and euphoria in it's most natural form. Lady Mavs 3 times Region 2 Champions!

STARTING XI: Jo MCray, Kariss Dunson, Daisy Brown, Marybel Garcia, Morgan Medina, Denise Diaz, Rachel Brantley, Rebekah Brantley, Gifty Ayew Asare, Megan Deshazo and Kayla Mireles.


NOC ended their regional season with a record of 16-1-1. Having the highest scoring as a team in Region 2 with 74 goals.

Northern picked several awards during the tournament:

MVP ALL REGION: Gifty Ayew Asare


-Megan Deshazo

-Kayla Mireles

-Aubrey Welker



-Kariss Dunson

-Rachel Brantley

-Rebekah Brantley

-Megan Deshazo



Northern Oklahoma will host the District Tournament. Game will be Friday November 3rd at 1PM. The final will be on Saturday the 4th at 1PM

Admission: $5 Adults and $3 Children or students with ID

**NOC students that present College ID will enter for free.